• Easy Apache will start phasing out of Apache 2.2

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    Easy Apache will start phasing out of Apache 2.2

    In about 2 months, the Basic profile in EasyApache will build Apache 2.4 by default. This change will not alter existing EasyApache profiles that build Apache 2.2. If you plan to update from an existing Apache 2.2 installation to Apache 2.4, we strongly recommend that you build in a test environment before you migrate Apache

  • Web hosting for PHP 5.3

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    Web hosting for PHP 5.3

    We know what it’s like to have an older script that requires PHP 5.3. You spent money getting it and god knows how much time making it the way you want it. That is why we have a special server running PHP 5.3 just for you. Just sign up for a normal web hosting plan

  • IP Subnet Masks

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    IP Subnet Masks

    So IP subnet masks can be a bit tricky. Some IP’s are usable, some are not, and /24  is a different number than how many IP’s are available or even used. What I mean is for 100 IP’s why not go /100 seams easy enough lol. Well Computer programmers are infamous for making things harder

  • Security Advisory: OpenSSL vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160)

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    Security Advisory: OpenSSL vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160)

    There is a new vulnerability as of 4-10-2014 in OpenSSL called the “Heartbleed Bug” (CVE-2014-0160) which affects any server utilizing this for SSL connections. The Heartbleed bug allows an attacker to send a SSL/TLS heartbeat request to the server, which sends back a 64KB chunk of memory to the attacker. This memory can contain sensitive

  • Speed up your site by managing Inodes!

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    Speed up your site by managing Inodes!

    Inodes are simply the amount of individual files in your domain. For example a file that is 1 megabyte or 100 megabytes is still just 1 inode. To speed up your site all your need to do is keep these your files a s low as possible. The more Inodes you have the harder the

  • Cpanel Updates

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    Cpanel Updates

    WebHost.pro is thrilled to release our new Cpanel software version 11.42, which will soon be available on all servers. cPanel &amp; WHM version 11.42 offers a brand new theme, an upgrade to Horde Groupware Webmail, and more. <strong>Paper Lantern Theme</strong> As part of 11.42, cPanel &amp; WHM introduces Paper Lantern, a modern, powerful theme. With

  • Crazy networking

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    Crazy networking

    Here is a fun gallery of some of the worst data center networking jobs we could find around the web. We will avoid any names for the risk of embarrassment. Of course ugly networking jobs do not work any less. I just can personally say it would drive me nuts to work with any of