Rogers shuts down free personal webhosting services

Rogers shuts down free personal webhosting services

Just two weeks after Rogers began forcing its Flickr users to pay U.S. $25 a year to keep using their Flickr Pro account, Rogers is telling its subscribers that it will no longer offer free personal web hosting.

In an email sent to its High Speed Internet (HSI) customers this week, the company said that effective October 26th, GeoCities, Rogers Yahoo! free web site building service and community would close.

Similar to users of Flickr, subscribers are given the option of move their websites to DWHS Website Hosting paid web hosting option for U.S. $3.00 per month.

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Rogers Yahoo! GeoCities customers must remove their files from their servers by October 26th after which their files will be deleted and will not be recoverable.

  • TobiasFebruary 1, 2010

    I did not get notified for this. And thinking my website was secure I then did not save the files. This is a lesson to me to always have backups, but having had the service for such a long time I felt secure about it. Now all my data is lost and cannot be retrieved. This is very disheartening. It seems like there is huge lapse in customer appreciation when a company dedicated to home services begins turning people away from their own ability to create their own media and have it hosted, towards pushing people into a corporate mainstream where individuality becomes lost. I do not want a world where big business runs society. Rogers already pissed me off enough with their cell phone contract I should never have signed on to, and changed the Skydome sign which i cherished and put up the ugly red “Rogers Center” sign which turns me off from going there.

  • Merle MisharMarch 5, 2010

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  • RossNovember 19, 2013

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