DWHS is now on Facebook

Check out our business page on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marina-Del-Rey-CA/DWHS-Web-Hosting/155346548931

After you have added us a fan please recommend us to your other friends like this:

Below the dwhs.net logo in the left hand column, click on More to expand the menu.

When the menu expands, click on the sixth option down: Suggest to Friends

Up pops a window with a display of all of your Facebook friends. Either type in a particular friend’s name to find them one by one, or scroll through all of your friends’ profile photos and choose those that you would like to suggest the dwhs.net page to by clicking on their profile photo. A check mark appears in the lower left corner of those friends you click on. Photos of friends that are already fans of lynda.com will be faded.

When you are done selecting the friends you’d like to send the suggestion to, click on Send Invitations.

Each of your chosen friends will receive a suggestion to become a fan, with a link to the dwhs.net fan page.

Thanks for the support!