Don’t fall for unlimited everything

We know unlimited sounds great and might seem like less worries then limits but in web hosting it’s just the opposite.

One of the main problems with unlimited web hosting companies is that they have slower connections and cram tons of websites on one server. This means slower loading websites that are not reliable. About 90% of these companies websites are paying for the 10% of people that actually use tons of bandwidth and resource. Ultimately everyone pays from the poor service of not being able to control huge spikes.

DWHS focuses more on the lowest possible price for being able to off a honest high quality web hosting service. This is more honest, reliable, and in the log run better for your dollar. Over cramped servers like Godaddy and Yahoo means slow unreliable websites, slow loading web pages is the main reason people leave a website.

As for honesty obviously no one can really offer unlimited web hosting services, otherwise why would Google have to pay 3 million for hosting youtube ect.. when they could just pay Go Daddy or Yahoo $6. Simply put these unlimited deals are ticking time bombs that have hidden rules in their TOS that they will enforce if you are not profitable for them.