Web Hosting Lies

I have been working with DWHS and in the web hosting industry for over ten years and there is one thing that has always bothered me. Web Hosting companies that have flat out lies and how many people still choose to do business with them.

The most obvious is Unlimited Web Hosting.

Obviously it’s not unlimited otherwise websites like Youtube would not have to spend 2 million a month on their web hosting, or maybe Yahoo can get a hosting account for $6 and get rid of their multi million dollar facility. The scam is that they will kick you off if you actually use too much resource and call it something ambiguous like inodes.

The other downfall is without being able to monitor what each websites limit will be, huge spikes from random websites sharing your server will cause outages, slowdowns, and poor server performance.

The only one that grinds my gears is 100% uptime.

Well once again 100% uptime is impossible in fact no website has done it for more then ten years ever. Even icann.com the registration service that started and holds the internet together does not have a 100% uptime. Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Myspace, none have a 100% uptime. Yet it’s amazing how many small start up web hosts can out do these multi million dollar corporations and the creating company of the internet.

A new way of thinking.

People should consider not using companies that are not honest, it’s setting a bar for a much lower way of doing business which basically boils down who can lie the best or trick people the best.

More and more the things we buy define who we are, saving a dollar to contribute to a company full of lies is is saying something about the consumer. For example clothes are things that are Eco friendly. I hope someday people will consider all purchases with such concern about what they stand for.

This article was written by Charles Yarbrough,

Charles Yarbrough is the president of DWHS Web Hosting. You can read more about him at his blog here: Charles Yarbrough