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DWHS installs new website Phish cracking system

Maybe more then any of the other degenerate methods used on the internet, Phishing is one of the lowest. These people try to prey on new Internet on-goers in hopes of getting there login information or credit card details. So in a ongoing process we made the first step with a website recognition system that scans server logs for the purpose of finding Phish scams and stopping the account instantly.

The scanner runs once a days at different times.
It searches for key methods used on phishing websites.
It suspends the account right away.

We also want to mention that the top importance was to not suspend a normal account on accident. Before launching the new software we have run hundreds of tests and have a 100% success rate. We cannot see even a single non-offending account getting effected by this.

Once we find a phish scam, we then get the logs, then the sign up details, remove the account, and report all the information to the FBI and phishing black lists.

We are very serious about cleaning up the internet from these low level thief’s and we want you to know we have a zero tolerance and are very pro-active and helping keep the internet safe.

For more information please go here Phishing

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