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Easy SSL security

DWHS offers a full service SSL installation process for our customers. To get SSL now all you have to do is a pay a one time fee of $40 and we will take care of the rest. Once you pay via Paypal or the card on file with us you then just fill out this simple form:

Keep in mind to have SSL you need a dedicated IP which costs $15 to set up and $2 a month.

We will do everything else from there.

What is SSL?

SSL add the “s” in https which means the information on this website is encrypted and cannot be seen by monitoring efforts. This of it this way when you use a ISP (internet service provider) all the information you get and send to the internet they can monitor. But if you have SSL on the website all they will see when you visit this website is jumbled code.

What is it used for?

SSL is generally used for taking credit cards but also can be used for email and anytime you have sensitive information being sent.

Can I add SSL myself?

Of course lots of services offer this like and Our $40 service is just to make it more simple to do.

  • Holly LaRocco
    January 21, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    I like your straightforward explanation of SSL. Clear-cut explanation of something as crucial as SSL is always a valuable resource for Web users! I work for Symantec, and we also try to educate users on the importance of security and encryption online, which is why we created this video with Common Craft entitled “SSL in Plain English.” I think it backs up what you are saying here nicely:

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