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Sneak peek at Firefox 4.0

I love the new Aero look, very modern and clean with a cool web 2.0 feel. But it still does not address a growing issue. With more and more net books and phone computers we need more viewing space. I personanly use a 15.5 wide screen when I travel and need all the top view space I can get. My suggestion is to get rid of the Firefox tab up top and put it by the home bottom with Firefox icon. Next move the close and re-size buttons to the right hand far size of the same line as the home button and Bam! you have another inch of viewing.

Once again thanks Firefox for staying on top of what new and keeping our computers looking sexy.

Large Button Mode

Large Button Mode with Bookmarks Bar

Large Button Mode with Extra Toolbars

Large Button Mode with Tab Overflow

Small Button Mode

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