ATT blocks outgoing email for residential customers

We just found out that ATT blocks outgoing email for residential customers. They now want you to pay twice as much for the same thing (the business dsl package). Sorry but slapping a business name on your DSL just to charge more is not going to work. We know the speeds are the same and email should not be blocked. Well unfortunately we cannot talk any since into ATT, we all know their past problems with monopolizing long distance in the 80’s and lying about their cell phone coverage now for a start.

The good news is DWHS is a easy work around for this.

ATT is actually blocking your outgoing email port, it’s not some amazing added benefit to be able to send email it’s just them opening up port 25 on their firewall which should of never been blocked.

With all DWHS we have secondary port open, several actually for outgoing email. This solves the problem of sending email for now. Who knows what other tricks ATT will pull out to try and trick their customers out of more money.