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Small business hurt by bad spam filtering

We have said this before and we will keep saying it until someone finally listens. Businesses and People please stop using failed low budget spam filtering! You are blocking real email! I personally don’t use any major filtering and only get a couple spam messages a day with my own blacklist I have made over time with basic spam filtering and default email blocking tools. As a business your best to use your own office blacklist that everyone can add to in your office with your email clients basic filtering. If you have to use a list use SpamHaus it is the only somewhat accurate one available period.

SenderBase is an automated system with huge false positives almost as bad as Spam Cop the second worst commercial spam blocker the worst is some small service called spam cannibal that just blocks about everything for any silly reason they can think of. Senderbase and SpamCop Both are really really bad at reporting correctly.

They will block subnets rather then just IP’s meaning if your neighbor sent spam you will be blocked. The worse is they will block your IP or subnet based on flat mistakes or sometimes just because they have a hunch. The truth is they are laughing about it behind closed doors after all companies will not use them unless they block a certain percentage which means they have to block real mail to get their stats up.

Between the two it’s like some sort of totalitarian regime, they just find a network and victimize it because they thought they sent spam or they seem a certain way. It’s a shame and seriously sad how many businesses and people get effected by their careless rules. the worst part is they think it’s humerus that a small business might miss an important email that could help their business (sometimes one email missed can make a huge difference in business). I have met people on both programs and they just laugh when they block the wrong people, their excuse is that it’s a small price to pay to block lots of spam (and get their stats up) they claim it’s the best they can do in the day in age. [B]Well it’s not the best, in fact spamcop and SenderBase is one of the worst spam filters and as a business you should be ashamed of the small businesses and people you have hurt using their low budget failed system.[/B]

The bottom line is until someone stops these ignorant bullies we as businesses we will have to deal with their mistakes, lies, and poor attitudes. Granted no one is going die from their shady business tactics. Although missing important emails can seriously hurt a small business and that is what I want to make sure people know about these two companies.

They say you can be removed yet they bury any help so far off their websites you will need to read minds to get your (mta score up) It’s all a big sham that hurts small businesses and people in the process. Really really sad that they can get away with this.

When they go out of business and they both will, I hope they realize that they could of fixed the problem and didn’t because their egos where bigger then there brains.

We hate spam and do not allow any spam, but that doesn’t mean we will blacklist entire networks coming to our network at the risk of blocking real emails to our customers. To do so is just ridiculous.

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