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11 SEO Tips for E-commerce Sites

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t easy for any website, and e-commerce sites have some unique SEO challenges to overcome.

These 11 SEO tips can help you tackle your e-commerce site’s SEO so you can rank higher in search engine results, and get more visitors, customers and sales for your online store.  Many of these tips apply to just about any type of website, too.

  1.     Create unique content on each of your product and product category pages.
  2.     Discover what shoppers are actually searching for.
  3.     Create pages for categories people are searching for.
  4.     Interlink your pages using good anchor text.
  5.     Allow people to share your products on social media sites.
  6.     Get valuable backlinks.
  7.     Avoid duplicate content issues.
  8.     Use descriptive URLs.
  9.     Let visitors leave reviews.
  10.     Include a sitemap to help Google find all your pages.
  11.     Update your website content regularly.


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