What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO basically is your websites popularity on the internet marketed in a strategic way. If done correctly you do not have to be the most popular website to be top listed with Search Engines. You can earn special bonuses by doing things in a smart targeted way. Google then takes this popularity and analyzes your website content and gives your position based on what it gathered.

What are the benefits?

SEO is what gives over 60% of Search Engine Traffic. In this example you can see how a site is listed with good organic SEO.

The top spots in Orange are paid, the other more clicked link is organic and what we are going to target as your SEO team.

SEO is also extremely popular because if done correctly will ultimately generate tens of thousands of dollars worth of advertising exponentially. It will also help your customers find you and help people get information on your business through search engine searches. For example if you put “dwhs contact” it will simply pull up our locations located on our website.

SEO gives the best long term results over any other marketing campaign per dollar.

The basics idea is to focus on adding the terms that people would use to find your website in a search engine. For example DWHS would target Website Hosting or Business Web Hosting where a privately owned tire shop would target the name of the town and the the services they want to offer. Like “Los Angeles Tire Repair” or “New York Mercedes repair”. By adding the right keyword content to text ratio on your front page this tells the Search Engines better about what you offer.

Next you would want links to shows your keywords. This is done internally by creating links with keywords in them like click here for “Los Angeles Tire Repair” and just like the keywords, the page on the site should be titled “Los Angeles tire repair”. This drastically helps your page relevance for keywords. But the best help is when other websites link to you from a separate well ranked page that has similar content or is a popular directory. For example if tirefinder.com has a link your tire repair shop and your keywords are in the link you will get a higher PR (page rank) and higher page relevance for those keywords. Eventually when you get enough quality sites linked to you with the right keywords and you internal links and page content is correct you will see a higher listing with major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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