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WebSite Builder Version 5.0 is released!

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Our new site builder is totally improved from the ground up. It’s faster, easier, and has a ton of new options that you requested. Here is just some of the new benefits of version 5.0.

New In Version 5

  1. New Interface.
  2. Improved Interface.
  3. Build quality websites faster in fewer steps.
  4. Social Network Integration.
  5. Social Network.
  6. Adding social media functions is a snap.
  7. Template Keyword Searching.
  8. Find the perfect template category with keyword search.
  9. Double Sub-menu.
  10. Add two levels of sub-menu on navigation.
  11. Double Sub-menu.
  12. Head Tag Edit.
  13. Simply edit the head of website.
  14. Draft Page Hiding.
  15. Draft Features.
  16. Store working drafts until they are ready to publish.
  17. Draft Page Hiding.
  18. Image Editor.
  19. Re-size and rotate images you have uploaded.
  20. Single Page Preview.
  21. Work easier with single page previews.
  22. Member Area.
  23. Password protected content areas.
  24. Low Sign Up Price.
  25. Low Renewal Cost.
  26. An affordable way to improve web design offers.
  27. DIY Template.
  28. Build your own reusable templates.
  29. Multilingual.
  30. 24 languages and counting supported.
  31. Unlimited End-users.
  32. Unlimited Users.
  33. Serve all the end users your hardware and bandwidth can handle.
  34. Tryout.
  35. Unlimited Pages.
  36. Customer can build as many pages as their hosting plan can support.
  37. Check out the host providers and user demos.

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