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Email blacklist problems?

Email… one of the best things to happen with computers, also one of the most troublesome. ISP’s blocking ports, spammers, viruses,  host issues, false positives, and third rate blacklisting services. There is a number of reasons email can be a hassle and here at DWHS it is a top priority to make sure your email is sent on time to anyone that wants it.

Unfortunately, and we cannot count how many times poorly ran email blacklisting companies like sorbs and spamcop have listed our servers that never sent spam or just for an account that got hacked and a small amount of spam was sent. Everyone knows using a spam filter means real email will get lost but never the less you need a filter these days. It’s a catch 22 and we all have to deal with it.

The good news for people sending email, you can avoid dealing with the shared server risk or errors happening. Now if you add a dedicated IP we can simply route all your email through that dedicated IP. This means you are 100% on your own for any issues that come with that IP address.

Of course these lists and honey pots still list perfectly good IP’s all the time. This will just make it a little less likely to get a false positive by less email going through your mail server IP.

If this is of interest just contact us here: Website Hosting IP

We can set the IP up for $15 and the monthly fee is $2 a month.

We are contacting and working with blacklists all the time to make sure our network is 100% clean. We do not allow any spam and have filters and triggers to stop anyone from sending it from any of our servers.

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