Freshen up your website for 2013

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Freshen Up Your Website For The New Year!

Want to start the new year off right? Add new life into your website with a quick content refresh. Unlike working off those extra holiday pounds, you can do this in a matter of minutes by addressing the three questions below:

Is your website engaging?

Start by reading the content in your “About us” section out loud to yourself. From there, decide if what you’ve written sounds exciting enough to make someone want to check out your business. If you don’t have this page add it now and make sure it’s interesting and honest.

When was the last time you updated your photos?

Compelling photos can encourage visitors to stay on your business page 3 times longer. Keep your page fresh by regularly adding in new pictures of your business, staff, products, and services. This also helps potential customers visualize their experience with you.

Do your potential customers have an incentive to “Buy Now”?

The holiday shopping season may be behind us, but you can still create specials and discounts to help you capture new customers.

Is your website modern and simple to use?

Remember the whole web 2.0 thing? Well to boil that down it was about making the web simple for everyone and clean looking. Check out your biggest competitor’s website and make sure your site looks as fun and profession as theirs.

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