Video pitch tips

Tips for a Great Video Pitch

1. Be clear and concise.
To keep the attention of your viewers, try to keep your video to 1-1.5 minutes. Speak clearly and right to the point.

2. State the problem.
Describe the problem you are seeking to solve and use real life examples if possible. Try to have them empathize what is happening.

3. State your solution.
Explain your solution and why it is better than other existing solutions. Make sure it is presented step by step.

4. Introduce your team.
Share with your audience who the team is and why they are the right people to solve this problem. It’s o.k. to brag!

5. Be passionate and honest.
This will help energize your potential customers and investors and it will get them excited.

6. Ask for help. Don’t forget your call to action.
Are you looking for people to join your site, buy your product or invest in your company? Mention exactly what you want people to do.

7. Use good lighting.
Shadows can make you look less appealing and in some cases not healthy. Use good light and make sure it hits you from the left and right.

Any thoughts? Let us know below!