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New TLD’s Are Coming, But Expect Delays

ICANN announced that they will be “recommending” the first new TLD’s on April 23 2013.  But don’t misinterpret this to mean that the first TLD’s will be open for business in April.

Registries and Registrars still have to implement new interfaces to support Sunrise and Trademark Claims.  And the details for these are still being debated by the engineering experts.

Also, the Trademark Clearinghouse is expected to go live on March 26.  However, again, there is no urgency to rush to submit trademarks yet.

The first batch of TLD’s will be IDN’s, or non-english strings, such as: 香格里拉 (.SHANGRI-LA) and 世界 (.WORLD)

So, unless your registered trademarks are in a non-english script, such as Cyrillic, Chinese or Japanese scripts, you will have to wait.

Myself, I am not excited about .world it’s just too long in my book, and .SHANGRI-LA that is just .another-world.

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