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Proper computer posture

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computer posture

Ten tips for sitting better

  1. Sit up tall.
  2. Sit close to your keyboard.
  3. Adjust the keyboard height.
  4. Adjust the tilt of your keyboard based on your sitting position.
  5. Use wrist rests.
  6. Position your monitor properly.
  7. Position the source documents directly in front of you, and use an in-line copy stand.
  8. An articulating keyboard tray can provide optimal positioning of input devices.
  9. Take small breaks during your workday to release some of that muscle tension.
  10. Exercise your hand by pushing on top of your fingers, and using backward resistance movements.
  • Veronika
    July 17, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Remember table height, you’ll hurt your wrists if the computer table isn’t at just the right height.