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Want a faster loading website?


Here are some not so common tricks to speed things up! They are pretty easy and we can even do them for our customers anytime for free. Keep in mind a faster site means happier customers and better Google ranks!

1. Remove your email!
My god sometimes we will see 5k to 300k emails in an inbox that is not even used! Each email uses what’s called an INODE. Each INODE takes power to manage and disk space to store. So not only is it making your files spread out more which takes more time for the server to find. But the excessive INODE use will make the CPU delegated to your account work much harder then it should, taking away from it most important FOCUS, your website being loaded.

So remove any email addresses you do not use and clean out your email. If you want to store your emails then store them on your computer with a program like Thunderbird or Microsoft Mail. Once the emails are downloaded have us remove the emails on your website or you can do this yourself in cpanel.

Once these Emails are removed then you will see a zestier, happier, site ready to please the masses.

2. Remove any files and folders you do not need!
I can’t even imagine how much junk is stored on websites that never see the light of day on the internet. Old images, backups files, .core files, you name it and we probably have thousands of sites that have it. These junk or not needed files are taking up valuable reads on your website from the servers CPU and Security. Just remember what your father said, “if you don’t use it, than you don’t need it”. This could not be more true when it comes to your old files on your website.

Trim it out, having less files means a faster site. Less INODES and easier tracking by the ram and CPU mean faster loading times. So if you are like me and like to keep things simple and at their best, trim those extra files and help your site kick butt.

3. Remove any not used MYSQL databases!
MYSQL is such a CPU and Memory hog it’s not funny. But in this day and age it’s used for almost every site. Google, WordPress, Shopping Carts, YouTube, Facebook, the list goes on. So what can you do to make it not hog your power use?

  • Remove any databases you are not using in your Cpanel.
  • Optimize the database that you use.
  • Keep your images compressed well that load from the MYSQL used script.

4. Clean up those pictures!
Images are still the number one reason for slow loading pages. With faster internet in homes you can get away with much bigger pictures. But why! There is a point where pictures look the same but use less space. Most programs like Photoshop have a sliding bar to see when the image losses it’s quality, find that spot and save the image. These little size differences will help your site run much faster, save space, and make Google like you even better. After Google doesn’t want to spend extra time loading images that are too big either, the Goog is busy scanning millions of sites a minute.

Hope this will help and for the more common ways to speed up your site try this article here: Speed up your website.

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