Free dns scan and repair


DNS Domain Name System is compiled of about 5 different major things. For your website to be running the fastest and most reliable it can you need all five dns settings running together perfectly. It’s always good to have your host (hopefully us!) check these to make sure they are running perfectly. We highly recommend putting in a ticket in the Account Manager requesting us to check your DNS to make sure it’s synced perfectly.

Here are the five major things that need to be checked to insure your DNS is set up perfectly.

1. Your name servers where the domain is registered. You can check this at any whois service.
2. Your local dns which is set up on the server your website is hosted at.
3. Your web hosting server’s reverse DNS is set correctly. Your IP is clean and not listed with any reputable filtering services.
5. Your email dns settings need to have DKIM and SPF enabled.

Free of charge we will go through all of these and make sure they are set perfectly.

If you have any questions