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Turn on the Spam Filter in Mozilla Thunderbird

Spam filtering at the ISP or Hosting level means emails blocked will never have a chance to reviewed. This is very bad because no spam filter is even 80% accurate as of now. The best way to filter spam is in the program you use, the great part of this is you can still access the emails marked as spam in the spam folder.

Our favorite email program is the free Thunderbird my Mozilla. You can download it here for free: ThunderBird

To have Mozilla Thunderbird filter junk mail for you:

  • Select Tools | Account Settings… from the menu..
  • Go to the Junk Settings category under the desired account.
  • Make sure Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account is checked.
  • Click OK.

Turn on the Spam Filter in Mozilla or Netscape

To enable “junk mail controls” in Mozilla Thunderbird 1, Netscape or Mozilla:

  • Select Tools | Junk Mail Controls… from the menu.
  • Make sure the account you want to turn spam filtering on for is selected under Account:.
  • Now make sure Enable junk mail controls is selected.
  • Click OK.