How to build a paid membership section based website


Thanks for stopping by, today I wanted to got through the basic steps to get a paid membership based website going quickly. First I will assume you have web hosting with or another cpanel based web hosting service, a registered domain name, and you do not want to spend any more money at this time.

The first step after you get hosting with or likewise is to log in to your Cpanel, you can do this from your account manager or by just adding /cpanel after your domain name in your browser.

Once you log into your cpanel click the Easy Site Builder and create a new site. Choose a template and add/change the image and text how you want. Or instead of the site builder you can click the App Installer and choose to install WordPress for the main site. Either way once you build the main part of the site (some call it the tour) you then need to to do a separate members area.

To build a members area go back to cpanel and click App Installer and install WordPress but this time make sure you choose the folder to install it in as /members/ this will give you two separate sites. One is the free one every can see in the main directory and one is the members section people will need to pay to see.

You can add a log in link on the main site that says click here to enter the members area. Make that link that goes to (replace with your actual domain).

Once you add the content to the members area and make the site look good you can go to a billing company like Verotel or CCbill (these are high risk merchants) and have them protect your members area and take a payment for access.

Once you have it protected by the billing company you can add a link to the sign up page with the billing company. It’s always best to mention the price right away. People hate surprises that cost money. The link varies with the billing company so you will get the link after you sign up with them.

That’s it, just fine tune it the best way you see fit and always add more content so people will stay interested.

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions down below!