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Who Hosts My Website?


Here is how to find your Web Hosting Provider

1. The best way to find the company hosting your website is to find out who you are paying. You may want to search through your email for keywords such as “nameserver,” “hosting,” “host,” “account,” and “payment” to locate any email you received from your hosting company.

2. If you can’t find any correspondence, try looking at your bank and credit card statements. Any payments made to your hosting provider will appear there. Hopefully there will be a phone number next to any payments.

If their is no phone number then do a google search for your web hosts name. For example if your statement shows Web Host Pro Inc. then do a search for Web Host Pro Inc.

3. Find and search your domain name servers. To find your website’s name servers, use a tool like – Type the name of your domain into the appropriate search field and click go. You will receive a great deal of information; however, you will only need the information in the Nameservers section. It should resemble the following:

For us it would be:

In most cases, will be your web host’s website. This is due to popular naming conventions for nameservers (e.g.,, etc.). You may be able to use this website to contact your web host.

What to do if the page is blank

If the page you reach is blank, use your favorite search engine (,, etc.) to search for the website ( By doing this, you can find information about the site which may lead you to your hosting company.

So for you would do a search for:

The name servers are always going to be the best way to track who hosts your domain, if it’s not directly from your host then whoever is listed for your name servers will know who your host is and I am sure be happy to tell you.

Good luck and hopefully your host is right here with

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