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Easy Site Builder Upgrades

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Our new easy site builder upgrade 5.2  will be live within the next month, elevating your web site building to be a more responsive web site building experience. Major enhancements include Highly Responsive Features, Modernized UI, Streamlined Workflow, and Sophisticated New Master Layout Template, all of which are elevated up into the next level of website building technology.

The core features are built for the modern trends in web development business. Basically, we turn from a site building toward a real WEB BUILDING that essentially serves your you more with values that make your business grow on the web browser, mobile devices, tablets, and beyond.

HIGHLY RESPONSIVE – Built with screen device’s awareness, Our Easy Site Builder 5.2 can help you make a website that appears everywhere on web browsers, smartphone, tablets, and more. The design, styles, navigation and content are prepared for displaying live on viewer’s screen with ease. Less technical skills are needed just to make the site responsive. Our easy site builder can do it for you!
MODERNIZED UI – IT trends worldwide are moving and the simplicity is in the air. Easy Site Builder 5.2 is now redesigned to reflect modern IT design trends, making your customers feel comfortable with menu styles and ways to tackle their website with ease.
STREAMLINED WORKFLOW – The fewer steps in building a website, the more productive it is for your customers to do their business. The workflow in Easy Site Builder 5.2 is made to support business productivity in every single step.
NEW MASTER LAYOUT TEMPLATE – Variety of designs are rolled out with this Easy Site Builder 5.2. It will serve more various industries and give more specific look & feel to some niche business models.

As of now, we are moving forward with an effort to make it ready for you ASAP. Please be patient, a new world of web building is only a month away.

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