IP Subnet Masks

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IP Subnet Masks

So IP subnet masks can be a bit tricky. Some IP’s are usable, some are not, and /24¬† is a different number than how many IP’s are available or even used. What I mean is for 100 IP’s why not go /100 seams easy enough lol. Well Computer programmers are infamous for making things harder than they need to be. I guess¬† to scare off the easily timid. Luckily I found this really simple chart listing the translation for all the common Subnet masks.

Net bits Subnet mask total-addresses per subnet
/20 4096
/21 2048
/22 1024
/23 512
/24 256
/25 128
/26 64
/27 32
/28 16
/29 8
/30 4



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