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New SEO thinking

SEO has changed drastically over the last ten years. What most webmasters thought was good ten years ago is very bad now. Some links can hurt you now! Of course this is questionable because then people can sabotage your company, but for the most part the main thing is to not fish for just any link.

Focus more on spreading the word about your company.

Think of your business as a store front and how you would want to get your town to know about your new store front, then apply that mentality to the world wide web.

To get you started on rethinking some old school SEO tactics here is some out with the old and in with the new ideas.

New Ideas with SEO 2014

1. Focus on relevant quality links
2. Always be ethical when getting links (Google knows)
3. Create a system to add new relevant content often
4. Create social media accounts and post new content often
5. Try to make your content engaging
6. Cleanse site of any unethical links

Old Ideas with SEO 2004

1. All links count
2. Getting links anyway helps
3. Target a couple keywords
4. Social media is a waste of time
5. Re-use content
6. Gets lots of pages up quickly
7. Blackhat SEO works
8. Keyword rich content matters

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