E-Commerce is on the rise

Over the last 10 years we have seen a lot of trends come and go on the internet. From link directories rising and falling to SEO firms sprouting out to what seems everywhere. Trust us, web hosting has been a roller coaster ride with new misleading hosts turning people away from the process all together. We have been strong with our commitment to be honest and straight forward since we opened out doors on 2001. With all these trends and fly by night ideas coming in going it’s amazing to see one thing on the web growing consistently. E-Commerce or eCommerce, however you want to say it, the fact remains it’s on the rise.


With numbers this great it’s no wonder hundreds of new E-Commerce websites are opening up everyday. To also make things even better for E-Commercians is the slew of high end free software like Magento and Prestacart and the easy billing solutions like Paypal. Anyone can get a high-end end professional E-Commerce site ready to take orders within a couple days. Our App installer has both of these free E-Commerce scripts ready to be installed with just one click. Starting your own business online has never been easier and the customers are growing all over the world.

When your ready to get started just grab a pro plan here: Web Hosting Plans

Then just add the free E-Commerce software and plug in your Paypal billing information.

Now your ready to add products, there is a ton of drop shippers just waiting for you to sell their products (search for “drop ship” in Google and find things you would like to sell). If you have a product you can sell then great, still you might want to add similar things and sell them all together. The software will allow you to prioritize your products first on the site.

Once you found the products, it’s just a matter of marketing and spreading the word. A great way to start is with this Google Adwords and basic SEO. Local marketing and word to mouth is also a great way to help. All in all you want to have as many avenues for new customers as possible.

Good luck and stay strong, it’s a jungle out there!