Most Viewed Partners With New Solar Powered Data Center in Las Vegas

Today, leading web hosting service provider has announced the launch of its new solarpowered data center in Las Vegas. The data center serves as additional location to its premium data center facility in downtown Los Angeles.

“We feel Las Vegas is becoming a booming tech market and that Las Vegas also has a very progressive look on new business. By launching a new facility in Las Vegas, our company is set to serve customers with renewable energy enabled options, while also making sure to support clean energy.”, Charles Yarbrough,’s President said.

The new Las Vegas facility is shared with Switch, a Las Vegas colocation service. The launch of the companies new facility will improve their network redundancy, while offering more options to their dedicated customers. All cloud and shared hosting plans will still be run from their Los Angeles data center.

After 10 years of lower performance drop-offs, has compiled one of the most reliable global networks in the world. According to, a web site ranking service, their network is faster than 92% of the entire Internet and rated even faster by other ranking services. This means, the company is ranked more than three times faster than their competition.


With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Web Host Pro was originally founded in 2001 as DWHS (Domain Web Hosting Service). In the early 2000’s two webmasters noticed consumers were paying a premium price for sub-standard web hosting services. This lack of quality led them to start a company that offers the best web hosting available at an affordable price. Since 2001, the company has grown into the fastest rated web hosting company, which currently hosts millions of websites around the world. This includes some of the biggest names on the Internet such as, FIFA, and Sony.

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