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Web Host Pro signs agreement with Find My Host

Today Web Host Pro Inc. signed an agreement with FindMyHost, one of the largest web hosting directorieson the web. The agreement is to uphold a code of conduct. With this agreement is in a official contract to have best possible policies for a web hosting service. The agreement has 8 points of interest and all have been met with the strictest standards.

1. To have a clear Money Back Guarantee

2. To clearly state Plan Specifications and Features

3. To allow for hassle free Cancellations

4. To up hold the highest level of Privacy & to fight SPAM

5. To have reliable Support available everyday

6. To have a Safe Environment for customer billing

7. To allow Domain Names to be transfered anytime

8. To have an easy to follow Dispute Resolution system


We have always prided ourselves on transparency and are happy to be monitored in any way possible to help customers feel safe when choosing We have an “A” rating in the BBB and several high ranking reviews in all of the top web hosting review services. If you ever have any questions on our ethics or policies we are here everyday to answer any questions you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Thank you for choosing Web Host Pro, we know you have many choices and we will always work hard everyday to be the best possible service available.

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