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Franchising is finally jumping onto the cloud

One of the last industries in business to get internet savvy is Franchising. It still has yet to fully adopt web hosting and Internet technologies as a main stay. I’m sure in the future we will most likely see most Franchises using a central database to manage all independent owners with a membership based website. As for now most¬†franchises are still the same way they where in the 90’s.

  • See an ad in a magazine
  • Spend a nice amount of money
  • Use the franchise tools to run the business.
  • Call for support.

Now with the right software FAQs and virtual help desks are available for store owners instantly. No more waiting on hold or hoping you get the right helper on the phone.

Franchises could drastically help their franchise owners by adding more online help tools.

So what’s the hold up with these great tools that are readily available?

We all have habits and if it’s not broken don’t fix it right? I agree, that’s why the Internet should be seen as an enhancement not a fix. A bonus if you will.

If you are a franchising business and have questions moving to the cloud contact us today: Franchise Cloud Computing