Your home page vibe

Your home page is so important to every aspect on your business. It sets the vibe and image for how the world sees you. Are you serious, fun, simple, modern, classic, ect, ect. For example ours is about being simple and comfortable. We want our customers to feel good about trying something they might feel worried about. Your website should not be about selling but rather about providing what the customer’s wants and needs are.

Here are 5 quick tips or rules to live by for your front page to welcome the visitor and move them to your product.

1. Your home page should say “you” or “your” more than “us” or “we”. 
Always keep in mind that the focus should be on the customer not your product. Don’t forget to say what is in it for the customer! They normally don’t want to hear about the millions of customers you have or the offices you have rented. Try to keep most of your home page content talking directly to what you can do for the customer.

2. Always think, how can I make my visitors feel comfortable.
Think of your home page just like your home. A welcome mat to your business. The smell of your favorite food, the pictures you love, try to convey this relaxing feeling to your visitors so they will want to stay.

3. Find your target audience.
Once you know your target audience then you can start to write smart content. For WebHostpro we want people to know that we are safe, fast, and easy to use. That’s what our customers like, they have made it very clear lol. Once you know what your client needs then you can write the best home page content.

4. Let people know who you are.
We all would like to think we are known by everyone on the Internet. Even with millions of views, hits, banners, and forums posts most of the Internet will not know who you are. So make sure and add a brief “who you are” to get them up to speed and moving on to the product they are looking for.

5. Let the customer know that you understand them.
We mention on our page that we know what’s it’s like to start a website and we have the experience to get you through the started phases. Let the audience know you can relate, you can help, and that you will be there when it matters.

I hope you where not expecting a web design top 5 ideas post.

Thanks for reading and please share below!

Good luck and happy home page creating.