HTML5 is complete

HTML5 has had 18 years in the coming. With Flash finally phasing out and new dynamic non php design taking over HTML5 is welcomed with open arms.

What is HTML5?

In layman’s terms terms, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. This is the code used to build most websites. The deeper look into HTML5 would mention how you can stream video like flash without all the crazy code and scripts involved. With HTML5 you can also add a bunch of movable objects to a static web page.

This is good because php is how hackers break into websites. So anyway you can get the same result of as php page with a HTML5 page is great! Eventually as HTML5 progresses you can build advance member based websites with static pages as well. This will make your site virtually hacker proof and not to mention much faster!

For now though we will still need to use PHP for advanced sites like shopping carts, Woprdpress, and Joomla.

HTML5 will just have to take over video scripts and java scrolling effects.