The big three web apps!

There are literally tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of active scripts and apps out there that people use on websites. Scripts and apps mean the same thing. Basically the term “apps” is taking over the older term “scripts” for this. With all these options to choose from there is actually only about 100 apps people use often and within that hundred only three are used millions of times a day. After years of people standing strong with their Apps in the end these three big guys found a way to take over over 80% of all apps used.

1. The number 1 app and web builder on the Internet is WordPress.
Ever since Google publicly announced how it likes WordPress everyone and their brother started using it for marketing reasons. With this popularity it gave WordPress the needed backing to evolve into an all for one web building solution. I wouldn’t even call WordPress a blog anymore, to me it’s a web builder for people that don’t want to learn how to code. It’s a great thing and it’s needed! If you are a beginner and want to do what everyone else does for a nice website install WordPress and get started!

2. The number 2 app is still Joomla
I never have been a big fan of Joomla, it seems ugly and excessive to me. Regardless, the Internet does love it and uses it a lot. If you want an old School web builder that has no association with blogging at all then check out Joomla. I will say they have a very active team and improve often.

3. The number 3 app is Magento
Ever since Ebay made Magento free people have been loving it. There simply is not a better shopping cart available paid or not. With the backing of the giant ECommerce super auction Ebay it’s no wonder Magento has so many options and is easy to use. Just how we like things. Hands down if you want to start a new ECommerce site try Magento and jump into the billion dollar a year industry of ECommerce.