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Transferring a domain can be tricky, these 5 steps will help.

The transfer process is pretty easy but needs to be followed exactly. Most failures are from the domain not being locked, next is from  the email on file with the old registration not being current. Sometimes the code changes too so if you have a code and it’s been a day or two make sure you have the current one.

If you follow these 5 steps though, it should be pretty easy 🙂

  1. Step one, make sure the domain is unlocked where it is registered now.
  2. Step two, make sure the email where the domain is registered is correct.
  3. Step three, get a current transfer code for the domain from where it is registered. (this should be done the same day you make the transfer request)
  4. Step four, put in a ticket asking to transfer a domain with the transfer code.
  5. Step five, wait for the email to the email on file with the domain to approve the transfer.

That’s it, we will do the rest.