What’s new?

Account manager:


We just finished making some pretty cool upgrades to the account manager like:
1. Managing your web hosting plans right from the first page of your account manager.
2. Quick links to the most common tasks to the left of every page.
3. Now you can do most of the common CPanel tasks like adding EMail and addon domains without even going into CPanel.

These are all requests we have had since the new version of our billing system came out in January. We appreciate the feedback and we are so happy that we could implement them in our latest system.


We now take American Express, it’s something you have been asking for so we made it happen. If you want to switch to AMEX just click “billing” in your account manager and then “card manager” to make the change. (Please make sure your address matches the card on file.)

Web Design:

We finished our web design changes for now, we don’t want you to feel like you are on a new site every time you visit. The site and account manager is fully responsive and we feel quite sexy.


We added an additional discount for two year payments. You can switch in your billing manager and get 7 months free when you pay for two years!

That’s all for now, thanks again for your feedback and we really appreciate you choosing us!