Host Search Interview

Recently Host Search asked us to do an Interview so we sent over to our main guy Charles to give them some insight in what makes Web Host Pro.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: Hi Charles – thank you for speaking with us. Can you please tell us about your background?

Hi! I am a  wine maker actually from Napa Valley. My passion for computers was more of a hobby as a child. I remember making games on my Commodore 64 and having my friends come over and test them. I eventually made friends with a kid that hacked Atari games and it just all went from there. Unfortunately in Napa computers where not a real industry after high school, at least nothing compared to a distinguished wine maker lol. It wasn’t until I visited Santa Barbara in College that I met my first webmaster and realized the potential for computers and business on the internet. Shortly after that, I resold for 10meg web hosting and worked my way up to dedicated servers. (Keep in mind a dedicated server was $300 a month back then lol). From there, I bought the hosting company that inspired me to start and used that as a tool to join DWHS. As a new 50/50 partner with DWHS we landed customers like FIFA, Myspace, and Sony. This gave us the capital to buy our first data center space in downtown Los Angeles.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: How long has been in operation and can you tell us a bit about the history? is just the new name for DWHS Inc. a company founded in 1998 by James Gardner and partnered by me in 2001. We also incorporated the business in 2001 with me as the president and James as the CEO. Our goal has always been the same, to focus on premium bandwidth and less accounts per server so we can provide the fastest web hosting speeds possible.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: Could you give us an overview of’s products?

Our core product is shared web hosting for the masses. We have hundreds of thousands of websites all over the world running fast and reliably for as low as $2.25 a month. No matter how big or small your website is, you will have a fast loading site at all times with We also have hundreds of happy dedicated server, reseller web hosting, domain registration, and now VPS customers.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: How do you differentiate your products in a competitive market?

Speed! We don’t care about pretty graphics or catchy phrases. When we are not helping customers we are tweaking servers and cleaning our network so it runs blazing fast at all times.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: We noticed provides eco-friendly web hosting. Can you tell us about how has gone green?

Yes! I am from the Bay Area and as you may know, we have some serious hippy roots up there. I pushed for green servers and sustainable power to our DC in 2008. It costs a little more but the quality is actually better and being a part of progressive energy feels great. We are not 100% green yet, but we move closer each year.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: In your opinion, what factors does the customers need to consider before choosing an Adult hosting service?

Most hosts are afraid adult websites. They tend to be more unstable and problematic. For us though, it really is not a problem. We run hundreds, sometimes thousands of accounts less per server. This allows way higher stable peak levels on high traffic and unpredictable websites.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: What kind of servers and networking systems are you using at

We have hundreds of Intel raid 10 servers, some clustered some stand alone. Every server gets upgraded often. Currently we run 8 core Xeon CPUs with 64 GB’s of ram on Intel mobos. Ask us in 6 months the same question and you will find something even better. Our dedicated servers are Super micro Atom and Xeon based servers depending on the needs of the customer.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: Where are your data centers located?

We are located off of 1 Wilshire at 530 W. 6th Street, Suite 805 Los Angeles, CA 90014, this is the second largest network hub in the US. We have every carrier available here which allows us to be really choosy about what providers we incorporate into our network blend. Our second data center is in Las Vegas by the airport in a new partially solar facility. Next we are opening a data center in Arizona. We also have collocation in Canada and New York for redundancy and round robin purposes.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: What level of support do you provide for your customers?

I’ll be honest we outsourced our tech support back in 2007. It seemed like a great idea at the time, we learned quickly that no one is going to be passionate about a business than people that see it and feel it everyday. Since then, we keep a full staff at a our data center that we share with two other companies. We then have three to five remote techs around the clock and a couple other great people that help with just about everything. All in all, we have over 15 people working to make sure you get fast help at all hours and that most importantly your servers and websites are running perfectly before any issues come fourth.

  1. HOSTSEARCH: Thank you for this wonderful talk. We wish you success in the coming years.

Thank you, we are glad to be a part of such a great website! We hope you the best.