Interview from 2002

We tracked down old Interviews we did and thought we would post them for fun. I just wish we have some pictures from then as well.

Here is a newspaper Interview from 2002

We are a privately owned company out of Santa Barbara our data center is located in downtown LA. We started out small just to get feel for the business in 1997 we got a good response so we went public in 1998 still keeping a low profile we  maintained constant growth and a reputation for a very personal company. As we grew into several thousand accounts we adopted the legal name DWHS (discount web hosting solutions) now registered in Santa Barbara we have started working with the public to help expand our recognition. Still know on a global level for providing great support (usually from one of the owners) and for working hard to constantly provide the best service to all of our 3000+ customers. We believe our most impacted growth shows by becoming a major share holder on a multi-million dollar data facility.

What is your target audience?

People with money, no just kidding we are proud to say we offer a broad level of service. We provide mission critical solutions for government agencies and we host starter hobby sites for newbies. Our most popular plan goes for $25 dollars, it is used by experienced webmasters that our making money with their web business. With owning our own data center we have a little more power over the content then some companies may have, and we don’t mind extending this to our customers. We only allow what is legal but the idea of not judging our customers has given us somewhat of a niche in the market.

What makes us different?

I think our pricing structure is what gets our customers attention, but as you can see in our forum and when we post customer comments on our site a large amount really like our service and support. I think when they call our toll free number and get to speak with an owner instead of a not so interested employee or even worse a subcontracted company they are amazed and it shows with their commitment to us. I believe and I think we all feel this way that one customer that stays with us for years and really likes us is better then more customers that may or may not cancel within a few months.

What do you do for your customers?

We don’t set standards with our customers, if you pay $7 dollars or several thousand a month we will always give you 110% of our abilities. Considering our years of hard work customers get a feel of having a personal I.T. professional at their side. Kind of like a partner in the industry. I have to say, not a day goes by that I am not shocked by several new customers joining our service every day.

What is next?

I see us changing and that might be the same thing. Every-time I talk to a business affiliate or I investigate better ways to service our customers I can see things that I know our customers could use. I think this level of looking to advance our services on a regular basis will have a big impact on the industry and how are customers perceive it. At some point customers will expect the now known as “extra options” as being part of a good service and that is where we are heading.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I guess that I touched on this with the last question. I can elaborate some of the advancements where working towards though. Unlimited Advanced statistics for a flat $5 fee, we now have the most advanced technology in a full service web builder program equipped with thousands of templates and graphics ready to go. We also just started a great partnership with proxypass a hacker protection and password sharing preventing software for free, these services are on all of our shared hosting plans. In five years I can only imagine where we will be. One company we are discussing a future partnership with is a content protection company that will secure every picture and video on your website, very popular with adult and celebrity sites. This is just a hint of the things to come from DWHS.

How are you better than your competition?

This is a hard question for me I don’t like to speak negatively about our competition. I just can say that our top of the line hardware and personable services and support make a big difference, it is one of those things that once you have it you will always expect it and well I don’t think you can get our level of commitment with any other web hosting company.