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Should you put your private data on the cloud?

Now-a-days businesses throw around the term cloud like a volleyball. The media is having a field day with it, and most people just are not clear if it’s safe or even what the heck it is. I put together this short advert on what the cloud is, the good, the bad, and the ugly (Sorry couldn’t resist). Hopefully it will not sound too tech sounding.

So what is this cloud?

The truth is the cloud is not one thing. There is a cloud technology that places data in several places for faster access from the closest place. This technology is not the cloud you are probably thinking about. The cloud for most people simply is any place you can store your data online. Simply a place to upload your data (media, pictures, videos, music, stuff, docs, ect…)

Why is the cloud good?

  1. The main reason the cloud is good is because you can store your data online and access it anywhere. It’s like a central hub for your data that you can grab from anywhere. This is great for people that travel and businesses that want several employees to access data from one place. It’s also handy to have some files in one place if you have several devices like a phone, laptop, tablet, PC, ect. With the cloud you can access files on the cloud with all your devices.
  2. The cloud usually is expandable, as you need more space most cloud services have the ability to add more space anytime you need it.
  3. The cloud is a backup. When you upload things to the cloud this is a copy on the Internet you can leave in case you need it later. For example if you back your laptop up to the cloud and it crashes you have a safe copy of your data. (For me I like a hard copy of my laptop, I use a huge USB drive and back up to it monthly. That’s just my preference, lots of people back up to the cloud.)
  4. The cloud is cheap, because it’s a storage only service the cost for cloud storage is just the data center and hard drive fees. About half the cost of web hosting which also has bandwidth and tools to factor into the price.

What is bad about the cloud?

  1. The main issue with the cloud is security. Anything that is online no matter who the company is has some sort of risk to hackers. There is an old saying that anything is hackable so always backup. With celebrity nude pictures getting exposed and Target credit cards it’s clear that the cloud is not 100% safe.
  2. You have to pay normally, if you are not paying then you are even at more rick for your data to be hacked. Security costs money and time, so without payment no service can put the effort needed to really secure your data correctly.

Final thoughts:

The cloud is a very handy way to store files to access from multiple devices and different locations. As of now September 2015 the cloud is not 100% safe and any sensitive information like your SS, ID number, bank details, credit cards, and private pictures should not be uploaded and kept in a memory stick and locked away if possible.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Charles Yarbrough
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