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Web Host Pro announces improved routes

Web Host Pro Announces New Website Design with Better Navigation Features to Quickly Help Choose Best Web Hosting with Improved Routes

Los Angeles, California based Web Host Pro Inc. incorporates major web design changes, aimed at offering easier navigation for customers to choose more fluid paths for their web hosting.

Los Angeles, California, June 29, 2015 – With an objective of providing customers with easier navigation and more fluid paths, Web Host Pro has recently redesigned its website. Moreover, the company now adds several new bandwidth carriers to the network, in order to provide website owners with enhanced routing and the lower latency rates.

According to the company spokesperson, they are expanding their Las Vegas Data Center with the addition of new network operators from Japan, Sweden and Finland. The Japanese Telecom operator, NTT is the largest telecom corporation with its robust network map and global connectivity, and which will significantly boost the infrastructure of the Los Angeles based Web Host Company. With several bandwidth carriers in its network, the company now offers a premium mix of bandwidth for websites to demonstrate powerful performance in the internet world.

The spokesperson maintains that despite offering a high-performance network, they are a Cheap Web Host provider, and the new website design assists customers to quickly find the best network at an affordable cost. According to him, the company boasts of its advanced fiber optic connections that ensure the maximum uptime to one’s website. The company has Dedicated Servers with unlimited bandwidth, allowing websites to remain accessible to the global visitors. Since there is no risk of the downtime, customers can never witness a downfall of their website’s search engine ranking.

The company claims to provide Fast Web Host services with a lower performance drop-off. With the best global networks in place, the low-performing networks are replaced by faster networks, maintaining or even enhancing the performance of websites hosted with them. They also have Reseller Web Hosting plans with cPanel, WHM and other tools for entrepreneurs to be the part of a profitable business. All reseller hosting comes with the money back guarantee and flexible payment plans.

The web hosting company endeavors constantly to improve its infrastructure and networks, with an aim of offering high-performance hosting and bandwidth to its customers. It maintains a non-congested inter-Europe and US-to-Europe routes for visitors to access websites in an uninterrupted manner. To learn more about the web hosting plans and network routes that it offers, one may visit the website Http://Webhost.Pro.

About Web Host Pro Inc.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Web Host Pro was originally founded in 2001 as DWHS (Domain Web Hosting Service). In the early 2000s, two webmasters noticed consumers were paying a premium price for sub-standard web hosting services. This lack of quality led them to start a company that offers the best web hosting available at an affordable price. Since 2001, the company has grown into one of the fastest global web hosting provider and currently hosts millions of websites around the world.

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