What is Web Hosting?

For you to have a website on the Internet, you will need a place to keep the files for your website. You will also need a way for people to see and download the files on your website.

This is what a web hosting company does. They have servers (advanced computers) made just to have websites on them, so the website can load fast for anyone around the world that wants to view and use the website.

A properly ran server can have hundreds of thousands of people viewing websites at one time. In fact, most high end servers like the ones we use at Web Host Pro can have hundreds of thousands of visitors at one time and the server will not even slow down. Imagine trying to do 100k things of a windows computer! Of course it’s not easy, nor cheap, to have a server be able to handle this much traffic.


An advanced web hosting service like ours simple means we have higher end hardware and use the best tools available. It doesn’t mean it’s harder to use. I know that’s confusing. You could technically turn any computer into a web server. The reason we spend thousands on servers and not just use a normal computer is better speed, reliability, and security.

Even with the best servers and the best networks if a web hosting company is not really good at server security, your website could seriously be at risk. Hundreds of thousands of hackers are scanning for weakened security websites everyday. It’s important to use a host that can keep your website safe.

For a web host to be truly safe, they need to update their servers every night and also keep backups. Even the biggest companies like the FBI, Sony, and Facebook have all been hacked. Without backups they would simply lose everything. For example we keep daily backups, external backups, and an emergency out of town back up of everything.

To sum things up:

A hosting company is the place that runs the server that you put your website on.

Thanks for reading and If you need a web host, you’re in the right place! We have Web Hosting Plans starting at only $1.99 a month.