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21 ideas to write great content

Coming up with compelling content as a writer and marketer can be tricky. We put together this quick list to help spark new ideas that will help get your readers interested.

1. Content that reminds us life is short.

2. Content that reminds us dreams can come true.

3. To believe in bigger things (faith).

4. Remind people that they matter.

5. Content that reminds us of the overlooked or basics.

6. Content that has unexpected twists.

7. Content that tells a story.

8. Content that takes us along a journey.

9. Inspire people to take action.

10. Make people laugh or smile.

11. Make people sad or cry.

12. content that reveals secrets.

13. Content that surprises us.

14. Encourage people to never give up.

15. Remind people they are one of a kind.

16. Remind people that there is always more.

17. Content that confirms our assumptions.

18. Content that challenges are assumptions.

19. Content that educates and entertains us.

20. Content where David defeats Goliath.

21. Content that gives us a fresh point of view on things.

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