Over 6 years of no network downtime

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Over 6 years of no network downtime

What an exciting time! I can remember back in 1998 before I was in the web hosting business. Downtime was a couple times a week occurrence. There was times our hosting company was down almost a day. Of course it always happened right after spending a bunch of money on a new marketing campaign.

You couldn’t blame the hosts back then, they were working with some primitive technology. DDOS blocking tools didn’t exist and network blending was simply plugging two cables and letting them fight out which is used. Good times.

When I joined DWHS (now Web Host Pro) we still were subjected to the mercy of primitive technology. Our router system was at least better than just plugging several network cat5 cables into a router and hoping it found the best one. Our Extreme network router at least was able to ping the closest location before choosing which network to use. Wahoo!

Unfortunately we still had about one to two outages a year, mainly from our thirty thousand dollar router that was suppose to be fail proof. At the time it was better than most hosting services and it was the fastest router available. There just wasn’t a reliable option available at the time.

Times have changed though. Now our router not only pings the closest network but it checks speed, hops, consistency, response. It’s rolls over before the network even knows it will have an issue from it’s AI that reads networks that are likely to fail. It even tells us with a nice daily, weekly, and monthly report which networks are the best and the worst. This is great when we negotiate for better networks. We have a performance clause with all of our blended networks that allows us to remove them if they fall below a performance grade.

After over a decade of this we have put together one of the fastest networks in the world.

Not only is our network fast but it’s reliable, in fact so reliable there has been no downtime for over 6 years. As far as I can find it’s best recorded uptime from any web hosting service.

The idea of this back in 1998 was a dream people would of laughed if you mentioned it. Well it is almost twenty years later, I would hope there has been some improvements.

Our third data center is being planned in Phoenix right now. This will allow for an additional DNS and connection to bounce our two data center networks off of. Even more fun is the plan to bring in five gig-e pipes, more than we have even run into a single data center.

Once we put all of these networks and cloud routing programs together we not only be the fastest but far ahead of our web hosting competitors. Our goal has never been to keep up or even compete.

Our goal has always been to constantly provide the fastest web hosting possible.