Did you know Web Host Pro is fully mobile?

Mobile computing is getting more and more popular. Mostly I just use my phone for checking my bank balances, emails, and sometimes social networks. With new phones getting bigger and faster I can see how more and more stuff is being done on them. This is why we upgraded WebHost.Pro, the account manager, and CPanel to be fully mobile (responsive).

This allows all aspects of your website to be managed on your computer or phone.

We don’t have an APP live yet but you can easily navigate all of our tools with any browser on a smart phone. We are going to have an APP that is still in the works, but it will not replace accessing the site from a browser. The APP we are working on is to get  simple one page website up for people with no computer experience. Kind of a business card on the web.

One thing people are hesitant about with using a browser on a phone is that there is no icon. That is why we wanted to show you how to create a phone icon shortcut to any web page on your phone.

Android : On Android with almost all browsers including Chrome and Firefox you first go to the page you want to add to your home screen. Then click the menu and choose: “Add to homescreen”

Iphone : In Safari, IPhones default browser click the box with the arrow pointing up in it (top left) Then you will see the option: “Add to home screen”

Once you do either of these an icon will be made to go directly to the web page. I actually have my phone saved for CPanel and our account manger. I use them all the time and it’s works fast and just as easy as an app.