8 quick tips to help your customers purchase from your website.

With the thousands of options on the Internet, it can be complicated for customers to find the products and services they are looking for. Optimizing your website to show the customer the important things they need to make a decision will keep your visitors from quickly looking to other places to find what they want to purchase. Here is eight helpful tips that will get your product or service information to your customer fast and hopefully close the sale!

 1. Large Headline
The first thing customers will look for when entering your website or specific page is what that page is about. By adding a large headline that is very specific to the product the customer is looking for will keep them looking further. Keep in mind the Internet sends people to pages that have nothing to do with what they want all the time. The first thing they will need to know is that they are in the right place.

2. Mobile Friendly
More and more people are surfing the web on mobile devices. Having a responsive site will keep them on the page and more likely to get your product. All of our free web builders have Responsive templates that do this for you automatically.

3. List The Benefits Right Away
If the page looks good and they know they are in the right place, the next thing customers want to see is why they should choose you. We highly suggest adding your top benefits before the page scrolls down.


4. Add Images and/or Video
Adding images or Video helps to keep your customers engaged. Make sure and optimize them for web use by keep them compressed and as small as they can and still look professional. We don’t have this on Web Host Pro because we are a tech service, but any products and most services will benefit from having this.

5. Add a Clear Call To Action
Once people have liked what you have and they are ready to move forward, it helps to give them a clear path. Many tests have shown if a person does not know how to purchase your product or service easily, they will get frustrated and in some cases leave.

6. Make Sure They Can Contact You
More and more people purchasing on the Internet need to know they can trust the business. By having an easy to find phone number and address or addresses it helps to assure the customer they are working with people that they can trust.

7. Make Your Important Information Easy To Find
It’s very tempting to put a lot of sales jargon and details about your product on your web page. We suggest keeping the details and sales sounding information below. The first things your customer wants to see is the most important stuff about what you are selling. Things like price, description, and how to get it.

8. Add Credibility
The best way to add credibility for a costumer that does not know your business is to include links to social media, review sites, and any public connections to you. For example a newspaper article will show that you have a connection with your community. A rating site with the rating will show that you want to make connections. We have several social networking site links, a BBB link, Norton’s trust logo. We also have a link to our SSL details so customers know it’s safe to buy from us online.


Once your customer goes through these stages they will be much more likely to sign up. It’s now your job to keep them happy and always work on ways to exceed their expectations.