Don’t get tricked with short term promotions

There is nothing more aggravating than those first so many months promotions that turn into a huge bill and hassle before you know it. Cable companies and apartment complexes seem to give these out like free cookies. Your one year lease ends and all of the sudden your rent is $300 more. Or 6 months past and your already high cable bill doubles. They call this a promotion hook, they get you in for a low price knowing that you will probably forget that it’s going to raise up later. Some companies only list the low promotion price and bury the real price in the terms and conditions. Unfortunately this behavior is adopted by a lot hosting companies. Especially Godaddy. They and many others love to put a bold font low price on their site and then a year later rake up the price knowing you are stuck. A successful business can last decades and cost much more than needed all because of a tricky promotion hook. That is why we at Web Host Pro never have bait and switch or promotion hooks.

A trusted company should not have hidden fees and should allow you to see clearly what the price is now, and five years from now. If you check our Web Host Plans Page, you will easily see the Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually, and an every two year price.

Here is just some of the tricks we have found investigating what other hosting companies do.

  1. Free domain. They love to give free domains and than hold your account and domain ransom for an extra high fee when it’s time to renew. Make sure you can transfer the domain anytime and the free domain is not going to be charged after a time frame.
  2. 1,2,3, months free. This is a trick to get you locked into an agreement that allows hosting companies to back charge you. make sure any free months are unconditional. Or even better find a hosting service with a good money back guarantee and just get a refund if you are not happy.
  3. Price increases. Hosting companies love to say a low price and than in small print mention a high price when it’s time to renew. Make sure your price is the same when the next payment or next ten payments are due.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth and space. Hosting companies love to say unlimited. It’s used more than a 1971 Chevy pickup. The truth is in the fine print you will see more limits on things most people wouldn’t even understand.

We always suggest using a web host that shows what you are getting long term right up front. We are not the only honest web hosting service that does this but we are one, AND we are also one of the best performing web hosts on top of that.