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How to cater to your audience

It’s hard to know who your audience is on the Internet. There is always exceptions to the rule but in most cases the details you are going to get is that they like your product and where they are form. That rarely leads to enough details to really cater your content to who they are. In this case you need to focus on a broad audience, things like slang and puns can date your message and lose the relationship with your audience. If you don’t have much information on your audience here is 5 ways to not lose them based on alienating yourself as the writer.

1. Don’t use Slang
2. Don’t use puns
3. Don’t use jokes
4. Don’t reference pop culture
5. Don’t reference ages or generation titles (Millennials, baby boomers, ect..)

This will take some of the personal aspect out of your message but will also not make certain people feel detached from who you are.

On the other hand, if you are able to really narrow down some specifics for your audience you will want to capitalize on those in your message. If you are dealing with 30-40 somethings you can throw in 80’s and 90’s references all day and maybe even say a joke about Alf and get away with it. If you are dealing 18-25 you better do some research or be 18-25, everything they read will be new for you otherwise. In the current day, pop culture moves faster than before. What would take decades to change now change within a couple years. Clothes, music, and entertainment are examples of this.

Once you have an idea of you audience the next step is to be concise, no one wants to read a bunch of filler words when they are trying to get some helpful information. Don’t worry about a long article, focus on getting too the point and getting quality to people quickly.

Stay concise and stick to the point.

And always remember to think of content that is share-worthy.

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