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Domain privacy is one of the most popular domain addons available today. With domain privacy your WHOIS information shows something other than your personal information so you are kept private from being seen and contacted on the Internet. Having your personal information in your domain WHOIS is not necessarily unsafe. As a minimum you will get emailed a lot more and possibly called. In some cases though, people might be upset with your website, or overly passionate about it, and want to contact the owner for unsafe means. This is when privacy can really help. If they see our WHOIS privacy information and contact us, we never give the details of the site owner to them. You will be kept private and safe. The issue is almost all major domain registration services charge an arm and a leg for domain privacy. Here is some examples of domain registration prices with privacy.

Popular registration service privacy and registration prices as of: 11/26/2016

  • Godaddy – $14.99 to register and $7.99 for privacy (And hidden fees)
  • – $37.99 to register and $23.40 for privacy
  • Host Gator – $15.00 to register and $15 for privacy
  • Wix –  $120 a year to have a domain and no privacy option! (This includes hosting.)
  • Web Host Pro – $11.99 a year to register and FREE privacy.

So why would anyone spend so much more than needed for domain registration and privacy? They just simply do not know about Web Host Pro. Because we don’t spend millions on marketing, we can charge much less for better products than the bigger guys. Not only are we much less, we also don’t have hidden costs, constant emails, and tricky up-sale attempts. Since we started in 2001 we have registered millions of domains from all over the world for happy long term customers.

We sell our products and services the exact way we would want to buy them ourselves. Low prices, straight forward, and cutting edge.

So transfer your domains to us and make sure and get all your new ones registered here to save big! We make it easy and cheap with no strings attached. Just a great deal that will never change for current customers.

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