Here are the the top social networks for business and what to post on them

Whether you are promoting a personal blog or a fortune 500 company, social media marketing has become a crucial part of connecting with your audience. If you are new to the process we can help. After over 15 years in business, Web Host Pro has been marketed in just about every funnel know to Internet man-kind. After trial and error and everything in between we have come up with the main social networks and how to get some social engagement. Keep in mind social marketing is an ongoing evolving process so it’s important re-think everything every couple years or so to make sure you are on track.

The top social networks

  1. Facebook – Facebook is still the giant of social networks and adding a business page for your website is the most important social networking tool to use and keep updated.
  2. Youtube – Youtube is set to surpass Google search “their main service” in Internet searches in 2017. This means a ton fo traffic will be up for grabs if you stay active and relevant. The trick is that you have to actually make videos. With cell phone video quality getting better and better we suggest using one to make the videos. You should mostly add videos that help people in your industry or looking into your industry.
  3. Twitter – Twitter is the popular fast updating website on the Internet. Some companies tweet 10-20 times a day. Don’t worry though tweeting a lot less will still be fine.
  4. Linkedin – Linkedin is the biggest business social network and has done a great job keeping it business focused. We suggest only using them if you have a business related website.
  5. Instagram – Instagram was bought by the Facebook’s future reading geniuses and for good reason. It is growing faster and faster and becoming a hub for other social networks. You can now connect your Facebook business page and Twitter with Instagram and update all of them at the same time from your phone.

What to add to the social networks.

  1. Facebook – First make sure your background image is really good quality on your business page. Real pictures are normally the best if they are really good looking. Otherwise have a graphic made that has your website url, phone, and email. We suggest using Instagram to keep this updated with current photos, videos, and text. We’ll talk more about Instagram below.
  2. Youtube – Youtube loves helpful videos. People search for how to do stuff videos in the millions a day. Whatever your website or blog is, just make helpful videos about what you do every week or so. Your cell phone is a perfect tool for this. Tip: Make sure to do videos in wide format with the highest quality.
  3. Twitter – Twitter can also be updated via Instagram. We suggest the majority of your posts being done from there. Keep in mind Twitter has a text limit of about 160 characters so some posts will be cut off if they are long.
  4. Linkedin – Linkedin requires you to log in to the actual website to make posts. We suggest adding any business related quotes, blogs, images, and videos there as often as possible. It’s not updated nearly as much as the other social networks listed here.
  5. Instagram – Because Instagram is the hub for your Twitter and Facebook this will be your main focus. You will need to be posting every couple days as a minimum to keep engagement and get new followers. Here the four main things to add to Instagram 1. You can post a quality relevant quote a couple times a week. Feel free to get these from other sources and re-post them. making your own is always better if they are good 2. Take photos, lot’s of photos, photos of your business, people involved, products, signs, just keep taking photos. 3. Post pictures of events or other places related to your business 4. Make short helpful videos on your cell phone.

This should be enough to get your social marketing campaign started. If you don’t have time or don’t want to learn how to do this, consider hiring a social marketing service like this one: Scottsdale Social Marketing. Services like this charge about $50 to $500 a month to keep all of your social networks updated regularly.