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What is the best way to build a website?

If you are about start your journey into a new website or want to improve a website you already have, than you are probably researching what the best way is to do this. I thought I would go over the ways it can be done and what the pros and cons of each way is. I will try to be as unbiased as possible since I do work for a web hosting company that prefers you to do it yourself when there are other options available.

I’ll start the with the easiest website builder and work my way down to the more complex.


1 – Site Publisher

The easiest way to build a site is with the site publisher. You can see a sample site here: eCommerce Web Hosting


This super easy tool in your CPanel with Web Host Pro allows you to make a professional site with all the necessities for a basic website. It also happens to look great and allows for Business, Personal, and A Coming Soon page. If you want a business card type site with a little more functionality this is the option for you. You can run a site like this for $1.99 a month plus the domain which is about $11 a year. You can sign up here for this: Web Hosting Plans
The drawbacks include: Lack of options


2 – Pay Someone


Next in line to simply pay someone to do it for you. This is tricky because dealing with the wring person or company can take more time and effort than doing it yourself. A smart web design company should start around $499 for a site and help you take professional pictures and make content for the site. This way you have someone helping with everything the site needs. To find a good web design you might want to search Google maps, Craigslist, or search Google for Your town’s name web design. Or contact our web design department here: Scottsdale Web Design

The drawbacks include: Paying money


3 – Use WordPress or CMS


WordPress is all the rage, it’s the most popular way to build a website as of 2016 and there is millions of options with it. You can choose from thousands of free themes or spend thousands to get a custom one made. In most cases people spend about $50 to get a professional theme template. Next you can add lug ins that will virtually do anything you can think of. There is other CMS style systems like Drupal and Joomla but they are not used very much. Think of a CMS (Customer Management System) as needed to make an appointment to see someone, in stead of a HTML5 site as being available instantly. The blog you are reading now is made with WordPress.

The drawbacks include: Slow loading pages, highest risk for being hacked, requires more power which can cost more.


4 – HTML5


HTML5 is the ultimate way to make a professional website. It is fast, safe, and reliable. Something you can’t say about any CMS driven website. If you can learn enough code and buy a good program like Dreamweaver this is the best way to have a professional website. For a HTML5 site to be built you will need to learn CSS as well to some level. They go hand and hand.  It’s faster because the site is already made and ready to be seen, with WordPress it has to make the pages on the fly. It’s safer because a hacker needs a PHP type file to be able to break in. Just keep your pages to html and CSS so you can be safe. It’s reliable because it does not need to connect to a database like MySQL to do anything. Our web design website was built with HTML5 here: Scottsdale Web Design

The drawbacks include: Harder to build

If you have any questions feel to leave a comment or contact us anytime. We love to help out, building and helping build websites is our life.



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