What’s new?

2017 has been a busy year with tons of upgrades and new options to run your website better and faster.

From the cPanel core, to the web builder core, to more social networks, to faster servers, updates and improvements, we are constantly upgrading to assure we have the best possible services available.

  1. We joined Instagram.
    If you are into Instagram them let’s trade follows. We post twice a day with inspiring quotes and fun images about Web Host Pro. You can find us here: https://www.instagram.com/webhostpro/
  2. We have added a mascot!
    Our latest employee Mr. Pro Bot will be popping up all over the place. For now look for him on Instagram and other social media outlets. https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/mrprobot/
  3. We added a social wall.
    Love social networks? We have added a new section that will show more and more of our social network’s latest posts in real time here: https://webhost.pro/social/
  4. We’ve upgraded cPanel.
    There is too many improvements to list but some of the most significant are PHP being upgraded to run over four times faster. MySQL now runs over three times faster. And the cPanel core runs faster with several new options like PHP-FPM. We also added Google drive to be used for backups, PHPMyAdmin has been updated and Webdisk and File Manager has been updated for easier navigation with faster deployment. See more details here: https://webhost.pro/cpanel.php
  5. We’ve upgrade out Easy Site Builder.
    We know there is a lot of site builders out there like Weebly, Squaretrade, and Wix so we realize we have to be at the top of our game to be better. With our latest release we feel confident we have done this. With no silly upgrades, you get it all when you add the site builder. This comes with hundreds of fully responsive templates, social network integration, and a much easier platform for building your website than any of the others I mentioned. See more details here: https://webhost.pro/website-builder.php
  6. We’ve improved our back up system.
    Now in case of a disaster which we haven’t had in almost a decade (knock on wood) we can restore backups even faster. We’ve done this by adding emails into config files rather than single files for each email. This means only as couple larger files will be transferred rather than thousands of individual files if a restore in needed.
  7. We’ve added more servers.
    We now have another massive G9 240 gigs of ram 16 CPU SSD server ready for new VPS and another ready for shared and reseller hosting accounts. I’ve seen what servers most other web hosts are using and these blow them away.
  8. We’ve lowered domain prices.
    Our .com prices and many other TLDs are now lower priced than before. Most web hosts are raising prices and trick you with a low price the first year and raise it up way over normal prices each year after. We offer a low price right from the get go and include free privacy if you want with all domains. See more details here: https://webhost.pro/cart.php?a=add&domain=register
  9. We’ve upgraded our shopping carts.
    Now our most popular shopping carts including Magento, PrestaShop, and Open Cart have the latest versions and our new PHP7 will support all the best features they have added. See more details here: https://webhost.pro/ecommerce.php
  10. We’ve added more support for WordPress.
    We have always been on the forefront of WordPress, we love it and recommend it. If ran correctly it’s an amazing tool. To help with this we have added the latest version, with auto updates and backups, and we are working on a direct link to WordPress installations from from your main cPanel page that should be live before October. For now you can manage all aspects of your WordPress right from the Apps Manager section. See more details here: https://webhost.pro/wordpress-web-hosting.php
  11. Daily MySQL optimization.
    We now have an automated script that optimizes all MySQL databases daily to assure they run the fastest possible.
  12. And there is more.
    We’ve added more tutorials, videos, and FAQs to help you get information fast. We have a full staff in Los Angles and Las Vegas ready to help. We even have improved the website to run faster and easier for you to find stuff quick!

So what’s next?

  1. We are adding a new much better affiliate program that will allow you to refer webmasters and use custom pages and drop pages.
  2. We are adding more round robin servers in Australia and the UK.
  3. We are adding more high end servers for VPS, Shared, and Reseller Hosting. We are almost 100% SSD now.
  4. More Easy Site Builder improvements and templates.
  5. More free scripts and apps ready with one click.
  6. And much more!